About the dWeb & how to browse Web 3.0.

Learn how to browse the distributed web (dWeb) with dBrowser and how to utilize dDNS and all of Web 3.0's dTLDs What Is The dWeb? How To Browse
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What is the dWeb?

The dWeb stands for "The Distributed Web" or is also known as Web 3.0. Websites are not hosted on servers but are in fact distributed amongst peers that view them. Similar to torrents and the same technology used with torrent-based software, the serverless web has arrived and its timing couldn't be better. Learn how to browse the dWeb
  • How To Browse

    1. Download dBrowser, Use dDNS or both.

    There are three ways to browse the dWeb. You can keep the browser you have and use dDNS to connect you to dTLDs like .dweb, .web3 and more, you can download dBrowser and access dWeb-based dSites and dApps through the dweb:// protocol or you can do both for the best experience.

    Download dBrowser and/or Install dDNS
  • 2. Explore dWeb dSites/dApps

    Find something that interests you in our explore section, copy the dWeb or dTLD link for a particular dSite or dApp and paste it into the address bar of dBrowser.

    Explore The dWeb and/or Search w/ dSeek
  • 3. Paste or type a link and go!

    It's really that easy. dWeb links aren't just key-based. dSites and dApps can utilize TLDs like .com, .net and .org, dTLDs like .dweb, .web3 and .dcom or can simply be accessed with a key-based address for security and privacy. Once you have a link, you're browsing. Soon you can easily search with dSeek. Whohooo!